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Regarded as a powerhouse of minerals and other nutrients, raisins are dried grapes or currants that not only look very simple but unappetizing with their aged appearance. But there is no denying the fact that have proven to be much healthier alternative to sweet products and candies.
There are other types of raisins that can leave you spoilt for choice when chosen the best such as currants made with black Corinth grapes, monukka raisins and sultanas.
Health Benefits:

  1. Help in Digestion - Do you know having a few raisins on a daily basis is good for your stomach? They consist of fibres that swell in water. These give a purifying effect to one’s stomach and help in providing much needed relief from constipation.


  1. Lower Acidity - Raisins contain a high level of potassium as well as magnesium. They help lower acidity. Moreover, they remove the harmful substances from the system.

One of the healthier alternatives to nature, raisins are usually found in stores throughout the year and are made from Thompson seedless grapes. When dried in the sun, these fruits develop a natural brown colour.
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