Black Dates 550 Grams

Black Dates 550 Grams


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Is there anyone who does not like eating dates? We bet there is no one who disregards these fruits - probably everyone’s favourite since childhood.
Popularly called ‘Date Palm’ (Khajur or Khajoor) in Hindi, Palmier in French and Tawarikh in French, dates are a flowering plant species that are normally grown for its sweet fruit. Native to the Middle East, dates grow on trees which are called “date palms”. They are fun and can be a perfect addition with dinner or dessert.
Health Benefits:

  1. Improve Heart Health - Just a small quantity of these fruits (dates) it takes to improve the health of your heart. The antioxidants present in them stop atherosclerosis - the arteries getting hard and blocked with plaque.


  1. Improve Bone Health - Dates are a great fruit having rich sources of copper, selenium, manganese and magnesium. All of these play a vital role in keeping your bones healthy.

Considered to be powerhouses full of nutrients, you must consume dates more than often. Irrespective of their origin, not only are dates beneficial for one’s health, they have plenty of uses as well.
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